Løvsuger/blæser - Einhell GC-EL 3024 E elektrisk løvsuger/-blæser 40 liter 230V/3000W - 3433370

Einhell GC-EL 3024 E elektrisk løvsuger/-blæser 40 liter 230V/3000W

Einhell GC-EL 3024 E 3000 W 240 km/t

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Article description
The GC-EL 3024 E electric blower vac is a powerful tool and reliable helper for gardeners who want to clean up their grounds and gardens. The change-over between the blow and vacuum function without tools allows the blower vac to be quickly adjusted to the job in hand. The electronic speed control enables the suction and blowing power to be exactly dosed. Two guide rollers ensure comfortable and back-friendly operation on paths, lawns and difficult terrain. A large, two-piece suction tube directs even large objects reliably and without jamming into the approx. 40 liter catch basket. Voluminous soft material such as foliage and grass is reduced to around 1/10th of its original size by the integrated shredding facility. With the adjustable carrying strap this electric blower vac can be comfortably carried over difficult terrain for back-friendly operation with minimum effort.

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