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Hama "Smart Case" - flip cover for mobile phone

Flipomslag til mobiltelefon, hvid

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Hama's Smart Case is the ideal companion for your Apple iPhone 6 Plus and ensures optimum all-round protection. Robust in design, the tough outer material prevents unwanted accumulations of dust and dirt, as well as the occurrence of scratches on the surface of the sensitive screen during transportation in a pocket or bag with other items.Inside the case, the integrated plastic holder is molded to the shape of the phone for the perfect fit. This keeps the iPhone securely within the protection of case at all times and prevents it from slipping out and becoming damaged on the go, whilst permitting access to the screen and connections for full operation. Simply flip open the front flap to view the screen. A magnetic lock on the flap permits quick and easy access to the phone for answering calls and messages, whilst also creating a reliable fastener to keep the flap of the case closed and prevent the screen becoming exposed.Attractively sleek and compact, the Hama Smart Case is ideal for both business and leisure. Offering continual, hard-wearing protection, the case actually adds little bulk to the iPhone, allowing it to be easily slipped into a pocket, bag or case for convenient transportation and mobile storage.

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Hama "Smart Case" - flipomslag til mobiltelefon
Flipomslag til mobiltelefon



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