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IT Dusters Poke Precision Cleaning Swabs

Clean out the hard to reach details of your tech devices with Poke Precision Swabs. With a medical-grade, open-cell foam head, each Poke Swab removes the trapped dirt and debris lurking deep inside your devices. From keyboard crumbs to phone charger dust balls, Poke Swabs are safe to use on all electronics and sensitive surfaces. With three sizes to choose from, there is a Poke Swab for every job to keep your tech fresh.

DEEP CLEANING: Poke Swabs make it possible to get right into the detail of your devices to get them squeaky clean. Dig out the trapped dirt, fluff and dust from your beloved tech to give them that out of box feel again.
THREE SIZES: There are 3 Poke sizes to choose from to ensure there is a perfectly sized swab for every job. From charging ports to camera lenses, Poke Swabs clean it all.
MEDICAL GRADE: Each Poke is made with a bonded medical-grade, open-cell foam head for 100% safety with delicate electronics. The foam tips trap and lock in dust and moisture to leave a perfect finish.
MULTI-USE: Poke Swabs are safe to use with all electronics and can be used on everything from cameras to printers, phones and keyboards. They’re also great around the house or car to dig out the dirt trapped in those difficult areas.
GREAT VALUE: Each Poke Box comes with 20pcs of each size, giving you plenty to keep you going. The 60 Swabs are neatly packaged in a slim recyclable box which easily stores in a draw.

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